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Tariff A – Residential

As of 1st January 2012, the Department has introduced 4-tier tariff structure for residential customers.  The corresponding energy usage kWh and the new charges are as follows:





0001 kWh to 0600 kWh


B$ 0.01 cents



0601 kWh to 2000 kWh


B$ 0.08 cents



2001 kWh to 4000 kWh


B$ 0.10 cents


4001 kWh and Above



B$ 0.12 cents


Comparison Between Old Tariff Vs New Tariff

Tariff B – Commercial / Industrial Sector


The Basic Calculation formula are as follows:-

The First 10 Units                         [10 Units x kVA]         x          B$0.20 cents

The Second 100 Units                  [100 Units x KVA]       x         B$0.07 cents

The Third 100 Units                     [100 Units x KVA]       x          B$0.06 cents

Remaining Units (if applicable)                                       x          B$0.05 cents



  • Monthly Power consumption (kWh)              =  26,880 kWh
  • Subscribed capacity (kVA)                              =  140 kVA


Bill charged for that particular month ::

The First 10 Units                         [10 Units x 140 kVA] x B$0.20 cents = B$280.00

The Second 100 Units                  [100 Units x 140 KVA] x B$0.07 cents = B$980.00

Remaining Units                           26,880 – [(10 x 140) + (100 x 140)] x B$0.06 cents

                                                      (26,880 – 15,400) x B$0.06 cents


Bill charged              =         B$280.00 + B$980.00 + B$688.80  =   B$1,948.80


 kva loading conversion table.png

Note :

Vacant shophouses / commercial premises using conventional meters (kWh) including CT Meters but recorded as active account will be imposed a minimum charge of B$2.00 every month unless the building owner / tenant notify to DES of his / her intent to close the account with no electrical outstanding bill prior to vacant the shophouses / premises under his / her name.


 Billing Sample 

sample bill.png